Help communities cope with the impact of the coronavirus.

COVID-19 is quickly making its way around the globe, spreading devastation from country to country. Despite this, there are very few global initiatives aimed at rapidly sharing vital messages on how to slow the spread of this virus and as a result, many communities will remain uninformed.

At, we rely on our highly effective video solution, to create video-driven experiences that help brands connect with relevant consumers. We will be harnessing the power of this same solution to deliver messages that will inform millions about COVID-19, slow it’s spread, and encourage people to help each other.

Video is a powerful tool that can be used to compel people to action, and we hope that through our ads, and this initiative, we do just that.  However, we need your help to get the message out more widely.

How you can help

Support these critical messages so, together, we can help flatten the curve.


Contribute funds to support purchasing ad inventory.


Donate your ad inventory to support the cause.


Record video PSA’s to get the message out.


Use your unique expertise and skills to support the cause.